How to choose the right windows for your new house

Windows are a vital part of any house. They’re important for ventilation, light and even for the views they provide. But what some people don’t realise is that windows are a vital part of design as well. The size, shape and style of the windows can make or break your a room. When choosing windows for your new home there are several things you need to consider. Whether you’re building from scratch or planning to renovate your new home, you have some decisions to make before calling in your local glazier. So if you’re having trouble between sash windows and slider windows, here’s some tips on how to choose the right windows for your new home:

Choosing the right windows

In order to choose the right windows you need to know what options you have. That way you can choose the best fit for your needs and your pocket.

New or replacement windows?

  • New windows – for completely new windows, the entire windows and frame needs to be removed. Before anything can be done, contractors should be called in. This is so that the opening for the new window can be made to size. As well as installing the necessary surrounding carpentry or frame. Due to this fact, the costs will be higher. But new windows can completely transform your house and make your rooms look bigger and brighter. New windows give you complete control of the look and feel you wish to create.
  • Replacement windows – replacement windows fit into the existing frame. The new windows are custom ordered to fit into the frame. Your local glazier can have this done in no time and no contractors need to be called in. This helps to lesson the costs. Replacement windows are perfect if you’re happy with the existing frame, size and style of the window’s opening and trim.

What style to choose?

There are several types of windows. Each type is constructed differently and opens differently. This is important when working with limited space or other deciding factors. Some different window types are:

  • Sash windows – the term “sash” is used to describe a window with either a single or a double movable panel. A single hung sash window opens by sliding a the bottom pane upwards. A double hung sash can be opened by sliding either top or bottom pane. Opening the top pane creates a lovely airflow in the home. These are among the most common windows types.
  • Awning windows – these windows are hinged from the top and open outward to create an awning effect. These windows are often used in bathrooms. They also work well in coastal areas.
  • Casement windows – these windows are made of one single pane of glass. They are vertically hinged and open outward. Apart from a handle these windows often have leavers or notches that keep the windows from swinging around when open.
  • Slider windows – these open by sliding from side to side. Quite like a sliding door. They save space on outside as they do not open outward. Perfect for windows along narrow walkways

Choosing your materials


The type of frame you choose will depend on the amount of maintenance it will require. But it also effects the look you’re going for. You can opt for beautiful traditional wood. It’s a brilliant insulator, good for both warm and cold. However, unless it is maintained via regular staining or painting treatments the moisture may cause rotten and movement. Therefore it requires a little maintenance. Vinyl and vinyl clad windows are very popular. They’re both great insulation and look great. Plus they require virtually no maintenance.


Consider the type of glass you want your window to be installed with. There are reinforced types of glass that are really safe as they crack but do not shatter. Tempered glass is great especially in windows that are lower to the ground. There are also types of glass such as low emissivity glass that helps to control the temperatures that come through the windows.  These are great if some rooms are exposed to too much sun.

You should also consider the following:

  • Where you place your windows is very important. Windows should be placed in such a way that they let warmth and sun into the house if possible. They should also be put anywhere with a nice view.
  • Ventilation can be created. Consider the fact that windows are excellent ventilation for your home and decide with that in mind where you should place your windows.
  • The cost. The cost of the windows will effect their quality. You may need to accommodate for a little extra budget in order to get a more quality window.
  • Whether it’s the contractors or your local Guildford glazier, they need to be qualified and good at what they do. The installation needs to be done properly to avoid any premature damage or even a disaster.

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