Steps You Need to Take When Looking for a Local Roofer in Saskatoon

If you are looking this over you must be interested in finding a local roofer in Saskatoon because let’s face it, no one reads about roofing unless they are roofing professionals or they need to find someone that is a professional. With that little bit of sarcasm out of the way, it’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet so please indulge us for a bit.

Reasons to Not Try Roofing on Your Own

Now you are probably thinking, I will surf the Internet and figure out how to fix the roof on my own and safe some money in the process, great idea for most home projects but not a roof. There are a few reasons why you should work with a competent professional but here are the ones that come immediately to mind.

  • It’s a roof! There is this thing call gravity and if you stumble or trip on the roof and even experts do from time to time well you are going to get a crash course in inertia so that is one major reason but there are more so sit tight.
  • If you don’t do the work properly your roof could be ruined causing damage to the entire building. Imagine it is raining and there is a gap somewhere on the roof that you missed, rest assured the water has not missed it and will creep inside your home rotting wood along the way. All that money you were “saving” is going to come back and bite you know where, the back side for those who weren’t sure what we are getting at.
  • Chances are you are probably violating your property insurance. If you read over the fine print in your home insurance policy, there is usually a clause about not using unlicensed contractors. You may own the property but you are not a licensed roofing contractor so if you attempted to do this work yourself it could lead to some monumental liabilities but let’s not let something like common sense get in the way of what seems like a good idea J

Benefits of Working with a Competent Local Roofer in Saskatoon

We are focusing on Saskatoon for this conversation but the nuggets of wisdom harvested from this conversation can be applied to just about any province out there. The first thing to realize is that while doing it yourself has a certain amount of appeal you wouldn’t try to give yourself a dental filling even though in theory you could, maybe we should stop with examples before we get a lawsuit for someone silly enough to try it but we digress. Where were we, oh yes so while doing things on your own may seem fulfilling there are benefits to working with someone who is competent.

  • The work should be done to the latest building codes; this will help you get the most longevity possible from your roofing materials.
  • The work is usually insured so if anything happens to the roofing professional or your property then your home insurance and their contractor insurance will make you whole.
  • Peace of mind knowing that everything is going to be done right and you can focus on other things. By hiring people who specialize in roofing it will let you focus on the things that you are good at, if everyone focuses on their talent it stimulates grow in the economy which is something we all want well should want.

Finding Local Roofers in Saskatoon

You didn’t think we would just continue talking without giving you some practical tips on how to find local roofers in Saskatoon? It’s ok we are not in the business of wasting time well not yet but it’s good to have options. The initial step is going to a search engine and frankly that is going to be Google because it works, type in local roofer Saskatoon and the search results are going to come up. Now this is the hard part, resist the urge to hire the first roofer on the search results, just because (not perfect English but George Jones made it popular with a song in the 60s, yeah I am old) they are on the top of the search engines does not mean they are the best choice out there. It would be really smart to screen at least five to ten roofers before you make a decision on which one to hire. There are few qualities you should look at when reviewing these roofers.

  • How long have they been providing roofing services in Saskatoon? Try to target the roofers that have been doing this for more than five years. The more experience they have in this niche the more likely (not guaranteed) they are to do a good job.
  • Look at the reviews made by people who hired the roofer, you can’t trust the testimonials on their website but do a search on the company name. If they have been doing this type of work for a few years, there should be something that comes up on the search results.
  • Look at the prices they are going to charge you for their services and remember cheaper is not always a bargain and higher is not always better. Try to aim for a roofer that is in the middle when it comes to pricing and you should have a better overall experience.

If you notice, we never highlighted any particular local roofer in Saskatoon because we respect your intelligence and wouldn’t want to insult you by recommending a roofer when frankly we don’t know your personal circumstances. What you can take away from this conversation is that it would be in your best interest to always follow these suggestions and you won’t have any problems when it comes time to repair or replace a roof.